Vloerwerk Utrecht (English)

Sunday, the 26th of September, marked the start of Vloerwerk’s chapter in Utrecht.

An open-door information evening and fundraiser was held in ACU for the interested and curious. With a good atmosphere and dinner cooked by The Barricade, Vloerwerk members talked about the main principles of the organization, past conflicts and strategies used. The case of our comrade who was deported to Brazil, following a direct action campaign, was highlighted. Because at Vloerwerk we don’t speak for others, but fight to give others a voice, the comrade told his own story in a pre-recorded interview. Donations were accepted to financially help the comrade and we were happy to see many sympathizers.

After that, the evening moved on and anyone interested in organizing, supporting, or wanting to help in any way with the kickstart of Vloerwerk in Utrecht was welcome to sign up. It was nice to see people were interested and wanting to get involved! But don’t worry, more people are always needed and welcome to join. A movement based on solidarity, where people support each other in their struggles, has no maximum capacity. So, if you happen to have missed the information evening and are interested in joining, have a problem at work or just have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact us on https://vloerwerk.org/vertel-over-je-probleem/.

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