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English / non-dutch: file job problem, contact us, help actions.

I am a migrant and dont speak Dutch! Or English…

Language is never an issue when people want to understand eachother. We’re on your team and we’ll figure something out. As an Amsterdam working class organization Vloerwerk is offcourse also itself internationally mixed. We speak quite a few languages. If Dutch really doesn’t work for you, try us in Spanish. Or German. Romanian, also good. We even speak English! Don’t let language hold you back, we all share one language: solidarity.

I have a problem at my job.

Fill in the contact form below. We will contact you as soon as possible (but we’re all worker voulunteers though).

Or do you want to help build us? You are awesome! And very welcome. We need more organizers!

Form forward all information to  info@vloerwerk.org., which you can also contact

    I’m looking for English, Polish or Greek Vloerwerk articles.

    You can find non-dutch Vloerwerk articles under the tag non-dutch.