Win for Vloerwerk Utrecht!!

A great start for Vloerwerk Utrecht; a first case has been won. A customer service employee who asked for our help got paid. The worker asked us to keep his name and the name of the company out of the article, so we’re not naming either. Here’s how it all happened.

The worker approached us with the question of whether we could help him get his calamity leave. After the death of his father he did not work for a couple days. Days he should have been paid for. The company he works at did not pay him anything for those days. We helped him find out his rights, and thought along on a strategy for the talks with his job.

The company didn’t yield immediately. After the first talk they claimed he did not have any right to calamity leave because he has a zero hour contract. Something that simply is not true! According to the law this worker has a right to paid leave. According to our sense of justice, he certainly did. So we did not leave it at that!

Together with the worker we dug through the contract and the law, and armed with this knowledge he went in for another talk with his employer. With success: on his next payday he’ll also get paid for those days he did not work.

Onto the next victory!

Are you in a similar situation, or do you have another problem with your boss? Contact us through We’re here for you, in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

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