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Benefit after arrests and deportation... and Infonight Vloerwerk Utrecht!

We politely demanded due salary.
They came from both ways.
Strictly coordinated;
no warning, demand or discussion possible.
It was a raid.

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The cops and the boss thought they’d learn that pesky Vloerwerk a lesson. The mass arrest was celebrated with high fives. The audacity. One of us got deported to Brazil.. the racist state made him ‘illegal’. This deportation is unacceptable to us. We support our comrade, also financially; he needs money for his costs of living, furniture, repair around the house of his family. For this, we ask your solidarity. Come along to our events and/or donate!

The comrade himself will tells his story on September 26th in the ACU. In a video interview, one day before he got forced to leave his city, he talks about his own, also scandalous work conflict. About how he organized himself. How he keeps his back up straight, even in that moment, and how he looks back on coming into action.

The food will be taken care of by Barrikade and will be livelied up musically. The meeting in Amsterdam was very gezellig and a big success.

In Utrecht the evening is more then a benefit. We’re doing two meetings through eachother. For long now we’ve wanted to expand to Utrecht – with Utrechters were asking use what took us. Recently we’ve found enough interestees to wager on this leap. This evenening is especially meant for those who think Utrecht should also have a solidaritynetwork. But what is that even, Vloerwerk? How does it work? What kind of support can I expect? What is expected of me? Must I be on every meeting and action to take part? Come visit, discuss, and join in.

ACU, Voorstraat 71, Utrecht Centrum
September 26th | doors open at 18:00
De entree is donatie.

Donations can also be sent to Sjerp van Wouden, NL31INGB0006886074 with the text “donation vloerwerk”!

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