Quick victory at Stromma!

Daria has received her payment for the shifts she was scheduled for in February from Stromma Netherlands. After a nauseous email battle and a delivery of the demands letter in person, the company agreed to pay up the entire month Daria was scheduled for in February, as she was owed anyway for being wrongfully cancelled. All being said, nothing can cancel the damage bad teamleading can do and the level of demotivation it can bring. It seems it was enough to prove Vloerwerk is a solidarity network in which we all fight for our rights until we are given what we deserve by law. It showed Stromma Netherlands that there are people willing to fight, that you are never alone and you always have to claim what you’re owed.

By Daria. Read more about her case here.

From my point of view, I can say that after many sleepless nights thinking how my life will unravel next, I can say I am looking forward to the silence after the storm. When you move into a new country and start over, the first workplace you have can leave a huge print on your life, shaking you apart and making you reassess your priorities.

However, it remains to see if there will be measures taken to prevent similar issues happening to other employees. It’s important to recognise everyone’s position and acknowledge their role and be stimulated to perform better, not intimidated.

Having Vloerwerk by my side gave me that extra bit of a push I needed, it’s empowering to know there are people willing to give you their time and energy to get what you deserve. What I appreciate the most was the unity; together it’s easier to have a stronger standpoint.

Daria and Vloerwerk both achieved their goals in this mission and we can say it was a good win. And we would like to remind you as always: problems at work? We’re stronger together!

[note: all of this happened prior to the corona crisis. Stromma agreed to pay on march 6. We decided to postpone this article until Daria was actually paid fully.]

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