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Solidarity network Vloerwerk in English

Our website might be almost entirely Dutch but of course we welcome people to our workers’ solidarity network from anywhere, any creed, colour, and so on. If you don’t speak Dutch, no problem, we can help you in English. Here’s our flyer and poster…in English!


Flyer in color / black & white

Poster in colour / black & white

With Vloerwerk you stand strong!

Solidarity network in Amsterdam and surrounding areas

We are a group of workers which supports each other in case of confl icts on the work fl oor. If you have a confl ict at work, contact us through our website on, e-mail us at or call us on 06-31542652. Hopefully we can help each other!

Unpaid wages, already bad labor laws and collective bargaining agreements that aren’t followed. And when someone says something about it, intimidation follows. The list goes on and on. No matter whether you’re regular staff , freelancer or have a temporary contract. These are stories we are all too familiar with. We know that on your own you won’t get that far in a struggle against your boss. But we also know a boss will be much more vulnerable when we stand together. That is why we have come together to support each other. By building our network now, we ensure ourselves that when such a confl ict arises, we never have to face it alone. It also means that when we are already organised with our colleagues, that we can count on the support
from people outside our own workplace as well.

Our goal is to win. That’s why we use intensifying actions, specifi cally suited to the situation. We make sure that we can keep on going as long as necessary through intelligent planning and alternating responsibilities. We become stronger with each victory and each person that invests a little bit of her or his time. There are many ways in which you can contribute to this. The only condition to having the support of others, is supporting others yourself. With Vloerwerk you stand strong. Join us!


telephone number: 06-31542652