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Newsletter April '21: CED round 3 and more conflicts


We can be proud of what we’ve done the past two rounds. The overwhelming majority of our members is an active part and a true alliance has taken shape around us during our fight with CED. Simply by waging this fight as we have, we’ve allready won a lot.

We’ve held up an example to the many victims of Vizier op Links: we can fight back, hold on. We’re growing our strength during this campaign because of the intense practice and because out of necessity we’ve invented a whole suite of new direct action tactics. We’re part of the broader movement that has put shame to Vizier op Links and even struck at their financing.

And then our offensive against CED still has to begin. We want total victory so that companies will think twice before collaborating with fascists. Whether we achieve this victory is in our hands. That would be awesome. But let’s watch out for mission creep, and be as calculating as we’re known for.

The coming time we’ll have a weekly picket besides the calling rounds. Today we held the first. Also we’ll start a fraud investigation into CED besides the calling rounds, thus hitting them with our WOB (law on open government) requests. Our calling rounds will be again harder still. This is the last part of our ‘easy phase’ of the campaign against CED. Here we go! Sign up to join.

More conflicts: Pullitzer. Chicken bar. Goodman. Pizzaboer.

Besides CED, or perhaps because of our work on CED, more workers with conflicts are coming forth. Besides the ZZP conflcit with real-estate cowboys Goodman a pizza-deliverer contacted us. And someone who’d been with Vloerwerk for years now has not 1 but 2 conflicts. During the Corona epidemic she’s been cheated by the posh Pullitzer hotel and got screweg by her employer the Chicken Bar.

It shows we should not forgot what we are. Our campaign against CED is of great importance, but should not mean we drop the ‘simpler’ things. We’re a solidaritynetwork and we must be there for eachother. Like a baker should not in his haste forget to bake bread. These conflicts fortunately don’t have to be won with any haste, so we’ve got some leeway. But let’s see it as a compliment for our work that so many people put their trust in us.

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