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Newsletter April 2021: CED campaign is heavy, nice pickets, a surprise and the first of May

Vloerwerkers ♥✊ !

Let’s not beat around the bush: the campaign against CED in solidarity with Marisella is very tough. We’ve had three rounds of calls. The first two were more fun and fresher. During the third round, as we continued to escalate in numbers and tactics, that changed. CED found us very annoying… and clearly showed it. Their telephone lines were inundated. Because CED of course expressed their frustration to our callers, it was also harder for the participants to keep going, compared to when the action had less impact.

We must keep a close eye on our goals and resources. It could be that CED just keeps taking damage after damage and refuses to talk. We are demanding a lot. Don’t get us wrong! CED is still far from being rid of us. And the Vloerwerk bag of tricks is almost endless. But when it comes to supporting Marisella through solidarity, defending political freedom and weakening Vizier op the Links, warn companies not to get involved with scum like that… We have already achieved a lot. At the moment we have become stronger through this struggle, as a collective and many individually. Let’s not let ourselves be fooled and get our panties in a twist, because the battle continues.

Next Friday there will be a strong action towards CED. Unfortunately, a newsletter is just too public to be able to share everything. It will be good and sturdy, ask us for more details or come to the meeting. We need [omitted from public publication].

Hopefully there will also be two tactics that were already planned but have slowed down considerably. That remains to be seen and continued. If it succeeds, CED will be caught by surprise. But if you ask yourself “where is the last round”, the answer is that not all our plans come true smoothly … The campaign is based on the inventiveness and creativity of the participants. Too many examples to list. So someone, also active in the environmental movement, came up with a certain exciting tactic from the Australian anti-steel coal movement… Just to say: this can only be done collectively. So also the discussion about the further course of the campaign. Join the meeting and let yourself be heard.

[omitted from public publication] And during the week we will again ask people to work locally against CED.

Pickets are going well!

In addition to the calling rounds, there have now been 3 pickets at CED in the Bijlmer. We kept the first picket small. The receptionist thought: “Oh well, I guess that is Vloerwerk” and she came to have a chat. The action was deliberately quiet.

The following week there were 15 of us and we could be heard a lot better. CED did not like that very much. The police came, but due to bureaucratic bickering they couldn’t get around to removing us.

ced europlaza vloerwerk picket
pickets vs 1.5m rule 🤔

Yesterday we were there again. This time with 20 people and even more noise. We combined slogans with impromptu speeches such as an explanation of the fraudulent and scandalous practices of CED in Groningen. CED again tried to pretend it didn’t bother them.

After we marched off a man from CED ran outside to quickly remove our flyers from the cars. He thought we were gone. Erh! No, we started to demonstrate around the building, then opposite the building, and finally one more time across the site. Ha ha. Big surprise next week [omitted]! Mail or call 0616541143 for more information!

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